No One is Free
Until We're
All Free.

Refuse to Be Silenced.

What is Project 2025?


Project 2025 is a strategic effort by the far-right movement to restructure the entire American government beginning January 20, 2025 (the first day of the next administration). Their policy document, Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise, sets the foundation for the implementation of an authoritarian government based on extremist Christian values. 

What does Project 2025 policy say?

Dismantling our Communities

Project 2025’s planned policies will erode our system of checks and balances, weaken labor protections, and undermine families that don’t align with conservative traditional values. Notable recommendations include economic deregulation, scrapping renewable energy in favor of fossil fuels, reducing funding for Medicaid and Medicare, militarizing national security and defense, diverting resources from public education, and creating environments ripe for discrimination across all sectors.

WHAT can we do about it?

Vote to Save Democracy

Voting is our most powerful tool to ensure we continue to have a voice. For the past six years, democracy has been losing ground to authoritarianism across the world (the longest decline since records began). Project 2025 is the end of American democracy as we know it, and may be the domino that tumbles democracy globally. Use your vote and your voice to protect our principles of equal representation and freedom. The world depends on it.

Who's behind Defeat Project 2025?

We are of the people, for the people.

Defeat Project 2025 is powered by the volunteer efforts of many talented artists, writers, developers, editors, and activists. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization funded by the generosity of independent donors who support our mission to save American democracy.

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